Reticulum company specializes in restructuring of both small and large companies.

Our strategy is to identify a challenge in any given critical situation. We cooperate with our clients in the search for suitable solutions that we consequently fund and implement.

We are prepared to enter into partnership with you on the basis of a broad range of potential scenarios. We are experienced in management of shutting down a company, the related agenda (termination of employment, sale of the functional part of the company, stocks and facilities, sale of other stocks, technology and real estate, termination of contracts with suppliers and clients) and subsequent transformation to new business activities. We have broad experience with purchase of non-performing loans and collecting debts.

Do not hesitate to consult us on restructuring your company and to obtain information on potential cooperation.

Company restructuring

  • provision for long-term financing
  • avoiding insolvency
  • preparation of a bankruptcy petition and administration during bankruptcy proceedings
  • finding a buyer for the company/share
  • out-of-court settlement with creditors

Restructuring assets

  • evaluation of assets
  • resolving other legal problems
  • dealing with pledges and distraint
  • sale of unnecessary assets

Restructuring liabilities

  • analysis of liabilities
  • payment calendar
  • legal assessment
  • refinancing liabilities

Restructuring of management

  • personnel audit
  • strategic management analysis and optimization
  • process optimization
  • strategy of communication and promotion