food industry

Agriculture, Food industry

MJM agro, a.s.

We are proud owners of 100% share of important north Moravian agriculture company that specializes in crop and livestock production, commodities trading, production and application of fertilizers and pesticides and production of compound feed. The company therefore provides complex services for agricultural enterprises and farms. The activities have been expanded to Slovakia. The annual turnover was 150 million EUR in 2020.

JCHS Invest s.r.o.

We have a minority share in the investment company that specializes in food industry. Main acquisitions are:
Prodietix - protein diet and healthy nutrition
Ekofrukt – fruit farming, manufacturer of muesli bars

Reticulum company actively seeks attractive investment opportunities. We are interested in projects in the start up phase, as well as in purchasing the minority and majority shares or entire companies. In parallel with investment of funds we are also prepared to offer you our expertise in financial management, accounting and taxes, creation of business strategies and legal consulting (through allied attorneys). Do not hesitate to consult us on your business or investment plans and to obtain information on potential cooperation.