Reticulum company purchases receivables in tender procedures or auctions held by the largest Czech banks, administrators of bankruptcy assets or directly from creditors. Alternatively, we also administer receivables for our clients and partners.

Our greatest competitive advantage lies in direct purchasing of receivables with payment prior to or on execution of an agreement. Thus, we free the creditor from any further worries, costs and risks connected with enforcing receivables. The creditor simultaneously obtains his money immediately and can further use this for his main business activity.

In dealing with receivables in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, we can provide our expertise and financing of litigation, arbitration or distraint proceedings without the risk of an increase in costs to the creditor for enforcing the receivable. In case of success, we share the collected amount; in the opposite case, we bear the costs of enforcement.

In addition to receivables in the Czech Republic, we also purchase the receivables of foreign debtors. Our portfolio contains a number of debtors in the countries of the European Union, countries of the former Soviet Union and also Arabian countries and Asia.

Do not hesitate to consult us on administration or purchase of receivables and to obtain information on potential cooperation.